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    Welcome to Morphbank on Sky - Morphbank :: Biological Imaging

    MorphBank is an open web repository of biological images documenting specimen-based research in comparative anatomy, morphological phylogenetics, taxonomy and related fields focused on increasing our knowledge about biodiversity. The project receives its main funding from the Biological Databases and Informatics program of the National Science Foundation. MorphBank is developing cyber infrastructure to support a wide array of biological disciplines such as taxonomy, systematics, evolutionary biology, plant science and animal science. MorphBank serves as a permanent archive allowing storage and sharing of digital images. At the same time, it is a collaborative platform supporting large international groups of scientists. Among other things, MorphBank tools allow scientists to share specimen images, add information to existing images by annotating them, remotely curate natural history collections based on images of their specimens, build phylogenetic character matrices based on images, and create, manage, and share their own collections of digital images. MorphBank uses technologies such as Web Services and LSID to link to other related systems such as GenBank, MorphoBank, DigiMorph, Tolkin, Specify, and BioCorder. Coupling digital images with character state annotations, MorphBank is an excellent source of information for producing digital keys for identification of biological specimens. In taxonomy, description of new species or other nomenclatural acts can be documented by images and image annotations in MorphBank. MorphBank provides stable links to image collections for use in online and traditional print scientific publications. Large biological inventory projects can use MorphBank to share image information about morphological types and allow experts to do remote identification. MorphBank aims to be an essential resource for projects in programs such as NSF's PEET, AToL and PBI and we already collaborate many PEET, PBI and AToL projects. DBI-0446224